J-Journey to the STARS

I wander among the countless stars and knock on the heart of the Universe. To the vastness of “Space”, I quietly seek. Will I ever find the secret key of “Time” to unlock the truth of your Genesis ??

(quested by jliuCloud; May 2012)

On earth, I hold “Space” & “Time” in my hand and I have the completeness of the Universe.

( by jliuCloud in 2012)

上下四方謂之宇 & 古今往來謂之宙 = 寰乃宇宙也
“Space & Time” is ” Universe”.

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May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse

(May 2012 Solar Eclipse Video – “Where, When and How To View it” )

(video taken by Luen Lin, 5-20-2012; )